East of Eden

The swans Snowdon photographed in 1965 belonged to Lady Galway whose family had kept a swannery for over 300 years at the time. Today the Galway Swannery at Abbotsbury in Dorset is owned by the only surviving daughter of the 9th Viscount Galway, Charlotte Townsend. She is the only person in Britain other than the Queen entitled to own swans.

“My drawing was not a picture of a hat. It was a picture of a boa constrictor digesting an elephant.”
When I was a child ‘Le Petit Prince’ was my favorite book. Once I made my mom go to the library with me, so I could read it again. While we were driving home I was reading the biography included in the book and I found out that Antoine De Saint-Exupéry died in WWII. I cried the entire ride home. I thought it so unfair that such a beautiful person died in such an awful way, but I guess a lot of good people die at the hands of bad people. At least Antoine De Saint-Exupéry lives on throught the little prince. 


Phoebe by Gossard


"Flowers At Work" (1956) - Encyclopedia Britannica Films